A Skirmish Stag or Hen do is tailor made to your requirements and has been a very popular choice here over the years. We have hosted thousands of stag & Hen dos which are always a good laugh and a unique experience. The staff here at Skirmish are dedicated professionals in this field and will make sure everyone has a great day, including the stag/Hen!

Whilst appreciating that the main aim of the day is to see the main person so to speak is shot to bits, we appreciate that they should survive without being bruised from head to toe. Our High Efficiency paintball guns are the latest technology therefore only use 1/3 of the energy of the old style paintball guns.

This does not detract from the fun but it does mean the nasty bruises are a thing of the past. Some may say that the stag should get a good bruising which can seem like a good laugh on the day but the next day its not so funny when their intended sees the damage! Since making the switch, all our Stag/Hen Dos have been a great success with re-bookings for others in the same group when it comes round for their turn to get 'shot to bits'. The marshals always organise special games for these days.

There are some great local pubs/restaurants and night clubs in the general area and a good range of overnight accommodation. A quick web search will give you some good local info for your requirements.