Here at Skirmish we only use state of the art equipment, therefore ensuring maximum enjoyment. Every Player is issued with a top of the range tournament spec. semi-automatic paintball gun which comes with a full tank of Air that lasts all day. Air refills (if needed) are free! Each gun holds up to 200 paintballs with refills available at any time.

When you arrive at Skirmish you will be kitted out with all camouflage coveralls, Protective Hood, Full Face Goggles, Battle Pack with 4 x empty 100 Shot ammo Pods, Team Armband and of course your Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun.


Your group will also be issued with a two part pack with includes anti fog cloths and buffing cloths.

We are giving these out free of charge as part of your initial kit issue. If you use and store both cloths correctly they will last all day. This is a major breakthrough in anti fog technology. We have never before seen anything nearly as good.

The Goggles are an essential piece of kit so we use the V-Force system with full face and ear protection and peak (to keep the rain off).
All new anti fog busters Freshly laundered Camouflage coveralls are issued to everyone at no extra charge as well as a camouflage padded hood. Padded body armour 'Vests' are available upon request at no extra charge.

All the equipment you need for the day is included in your game fee and there are no 'hidden extras' or costly upgrades to consider. Everyone gets the same equipment which is of the highest quality. Here at Skirmish we have a policy of keeping our equipment meticulously maintained and constantly updated thereby ensuring maximum enjoyment.

Set in a vast expanse of thick varied woodland the Skirmish site at Billericay is the perfect place for a days action-packed paintballing. We believe in an ongoing programme of constant development to our game scenarios, and this, along with our well trained, helpful and friendly staff is what brings our regular customers back time and again.