Minimum age: 12 years old

Saturdays are when regular paintball sessions are run here for both adults and juniors. We do not operate paintball on any other days including the school holidays.

We mostly separate juniors and adults where appropriate, but mixed sessions are also run. This is good for when parents and older relatives want to play in the same game.


Thanks to revolutionary new manufacturing processes, paintballs can now be made smaller. These travel the same distance as old fashioned paintballs but they burst on impact just the same while using less energy to propel them.The gas used to propel the paintballs is simply 'Compressed Air'.

Lighter guns, smaller air tanks and lighter ammo packs to carry makes it less tiring, making it more enjoyable to play.

Using lighter guns and paintballs which are one third of the size of the old ones, an added bonus is that these paintballs hit with one third of the impact.

This is suitable for all types of groups from adults to seasoned 'Pro Players' as well as juniors from 12 years old. Adults and juniors mostly play in separate games but parents are welcome to play alongside juniors.

The guns are easier to 'field strip' by the marshals so if you have a paintball jammed in the gun, it can be cleared in seconds on the field, keeping you in the game. These are the most reliable guns we have ever had!

Played on exactly the same game areas, using the same ancillary kit as old fashioned paintball this makes the game more accessible for many that may have had reservations about the game in the past. No nasty bruises here at Skirmish!.