Set in a vast expanse of thick varied woodland the Skirmish site at Billericay is the perfect place for a days action-packed paintballing. We believe in an ongoing programme of constant development to our game scenarios, and this, along with our well trained, helpful and friendly staff is what brings our regular customers back time and again. We cannot guarantee every game field will be in play on all occasions as fields are sometimes rotated for routine maintenance and upgrading.

Missile Command

Missile Command Our NEWEST Gamezone area. Two ICBM missiles complete with command module lie deep in enemy territory. Can the launch sequence be stopped in time?

The Alamo

Defend against an all out attack by the Mexican army of General Santa-Anna! The attackers must storm the inner stockade and capture the lone star flag.

Bridge Siege

Capture the bridge and prevent it from being taken by the opposing team. Make your stand...


As it sounds! Your team will be tasked with maneuvering this 5' boulder across the field of play. The dividing trenches guide you to your opponent's base beware, this game can bring on an adrenaline rush!


A tactical game. No huge man-made structures to hide behind. This game field of natural cover will see the smartest team play their way to victory.

Three Bridge Valley

Your mission. To capture all three bridges, securing your teams control of the valley. Go Ballistic upfront or provide support to those willing enough to go for the bridge!

Chemical Alley

Find and recover The Weapons of Mass Destruction. Attack and work as a team like the US Delta Force special forces squadron do. (They may have got Saddam but have not found his stash!)

The Safe Zone

A covered seating area for 200+ with Toilets, Picnic Area, Cafe (Fast food), Separate Gun Racks and Sales Point. Spectators can view several of the main arenas.